If you have cancer or know someone that has cancer, you should probably know the beneficial effects of CBD or Cannabidiol. Perhaps you know someone experiencing chronic pain? Then maybe you have heard of CBD as well.  

CBD is a compound that can be found in Cannabis, either from marijuana or hemp. CBD oil from marijuana has a very high content of THC and can have up to 30% of THC, on the other hand, hemp has very little THC content which only has up to 0.3%.  

As you can see, CBD has been known because of its benefits both therapeutically and medically. CBD can come from the leaves, flowers and sometimes from a mature plant’s stem. On the other hand, hemp oils are from the seeds of a cannabis and has very little CBD or THC content. Even if it does not have the same levels as CBD, it still has substantial minerals and vitamins.  

Research on CBD when it comes to humans has been documented very well however when it comes to animals, documentations on the research about it are rare. Anecdotal information on CBD oil for pets have various offers when it comes to relief. Relief from occasional pain to chronic pain, from stress and anxiety, pains when it comes to joint issues, epilepsy, and problems on digestion, moreover it also helps with the side effects that comes from having cancer. 

So, is CBD safe for your dogs? 

CBD for dogs have been proven beneficial when it comes to anxiety issues and pain relief problems however, it is always safe to start with small amounts in order to help your dog adjust from the medication.  

There are certain things you should consider when it comes to introducing CBD to your beloved pet, here are some of it. 

  1. Organic: In introducing CBD oil to your dog, it is most beneficial when it comes from an organic source however, if you cannot find an organic CBD oil in your area, you can always opt for something inorganic while putting into consideration that the CBD oil you introduced is free of any pesticides, fungicides or any other solvent.  
  1. Analysis: Ensure that the manufacturer of the CBD oil you are considering will freely let you know the CBD content that is present. In investing in a CBD oil for your dog, always ensure that the oil you will invest in will have very minimal THC.  
  1. Price: No quality product is cheap! If you are planning to invest in something for your dog’s health, make sure that you don’t opt for cheaper options as it may bring more harm than good. Cheap products may contain ingredients that can be toxic for your dog’s health.  
  1. Liquid or Treats: Investing in tincture or oil form CBDs are beneficial because it can be very easily incorporated. If ever you are looking for something more fun to incorporate into your pet’s routine, treats can also be a good choice.  

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